The Democratic Company of Alert Management Systems

The Democratic Company of Alert Management Systems!


It’s hard to believe that the 2016 Presidential Election was nearly a year ago, and that election season is upon us once again! While the streets in our communities are populated with signs for school board nominees and ballot measures, we at Alert Management Systems are gearing up for an election of a different kind – what should we innovate for the next Alert EasyPro rental software revision?

Unlike any other software in our industry, Alert Management Systems takes input directly from our users. Our client-led user conference, IAUA (International Alert User’s Association) is hosted each year by Alert in Colorado Springs, and the most profitable rental operations in North America gather to discuss the direction of the software, including enhancements that would lead to even greater efficiency.  That’s wonderful, but what does it have to do with voting?

Throughout the year, Alert EasyPro software users collect and send their suggestions to the team at Alert. We make sure that the suggestion isn’t already incorporated into the software (it happens! Sometimes our clients just need more training!) and we maintain a list which we present to our users at the IAUA conference in November.  The attendees at IAUA do much more than review the list – they discuss it in detail with their industry peers and add more suggestions to it. There are no election signs cluttering up the hallways, but some of our clients feel so passionately about their pet rental software revisions that they would put a lobbyist to shame!

Why do we do it by vote? We always want to ensure that as many of our rental business software clients as possible will benefit from an enhancement request to Alert EasyPro. We have a finite amount of programming hours for our rental software revisions and want to spend them the most logical way we can. Who knew that Alert Management Systems was a democracy?

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