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Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


Look What Alert CanDo!

Welcome to Alert’s weekly feature where we discuss things Alert does that
you may not know about! Let’s PAWS and learn!


Confirmed & Unconfirmed Reservations

 Did you know that you can have a toggle switch in your totals box
on the ticket that shows if your reservations are confirmed or not confirmed?

This flexible feature (that can be implemented for party or tool) can be used in
a multitude of ways. Some stores use it as illustrated in the below story:

Customer wants to reserve a rental but hasn’t sent the deposit yet.
You are “emotionally committed” to the order and want to ensure that your
availability reflects as such, so you turn the ticket into a reservation
from a bid. However, you haven’t yet dotted all the i’s and crossed all the
t’s, so this is a “Not Confirmed” reservation.

As soon as you receive the deposit, or the customer has picked
out their colors/quantities, or however you best see fit, you can
then mark the reservation as confirmed.

The list of reservations is visually indicated as Confirmed or
Not Confirmed on dashboards with colors and big / little r. (See below.)
Now you know that unconfirmed reservations need a little bit more work
before they’re ready to go out the door!

This feature is already in your Alert system (for free!!!) and just needs to
be turned on in Codes & Setup. Go to Store Parameters -> Availability/Party
and select the checkbox.

This must be turned on for each location that wishes to use it.

As always, give us a shout at the Help Desk if you need more information!
800-326-0079 or support@alertms.com

Awesome New Report in ReportShare!

 Advanced Pull Report

Thanks to one of our clients for being willing to share this nifty custom
report with all of you! (Rachel, you know who you are!)

This report is extremely flexible and allows you to run:

For a Date Range or Specific Ticket (R or C).
By location or for all locations.
What items to pull – between Rental Groups, Departments, or all items – with
the ability to run for multiple departments OR multiple Rental Groups at one time
Delivery only or Will-call tickets only, or both.

The report is set up to display locked free text notes with rental
& sales items both, and is also set up with smart prompts
designed to remove keystrokes and enable quicker parameter input.

So what does all this mean?

You can pull a report for the Linen Department for a big ticket and instead
of sifting through hundreds or thousands of lines – you’re
able to pick out the items YOU are pulling.

You can decide to have the Dish Department items on the same
pull list as the list you just created, above.

If you’re looking specifically for Glassware & Flatware items only,
you can run it for those Rental Groups alone.

If you want to have load sheets for all your will-call tickets for the week
print out on Monday so you can start pulling and staging the orders – Easy!

This new report, which is available to you for free on our Client Source,
will save you so much time and effort, and Alert users of all types
will find good use for it. Play around and have fun being more efficient with our data reporting software!

Need directions on how to run a report from Reportshare?
Look no further than last week’s Help Desk Notes! The report is called
Advanced Pull Report and is located in the Counter Reports.
Sample screenshots are below.



September Support Survey 

Last chance to complete the September Support Survey!
(Yep, next week is October!) Let us know how we’re doing
and we’ll put you in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!

Click HERE to take the survey!


Alert User Group Registration!

Register HERE and visit our Website for more information.
It’s only 46 days away and time is running out!

Join fellow Alert users for our 34th annual User Conference!

The dates are Sunday, November 10th – Tuesday, November 12th.
Mark your calendars!

Find a link HERE to reserve your room at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs.
Be sure to use code 1911ALER_001 to get our rate of $149/night,
which includes the resort charge. Our block sells out quickly so act now!

You should have all received an email from the IAUA Board about the conference
and some new changes. That letter can be found HERE.

This week’s featured event is Advanced Tips & Tricks.
There are two sessions of Advanced Tips & Tricks; one for party
and one for tool. An Alert trainer will lead this double session and
you’ll learn everything you forgot in your initial training! This class is one
of our most popular sessions – we hear comments every year that
this class alone paid for the trip in new efficiencies and new ways
of doing things. This session is great for anyone who’s been on the system
for a long time to learn about the newer things we’ve added over the years,
as well as newer clients looking to go beyond the basics.


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