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Look What Alert Can Do!

Welcome to Alert’s weekly feature where we discuss things Alert does that
you may not know about! Let’s PAWS and learn!


Import/Export Features

Have you ever needed to update a field all at once, for everyone?
Did you know that there’s a quick and easy way to do it?
Welcome to Import/Export! Alert has three versions of Import/Export
and we’re going to  talk about all three over the next three weeks.
Today’s focus is on Sales Item Import/Export. We’ll discuss
Fixed Assets next  week, and we discussed Customers last week.
Import/Export is an Add-On Module, so let us know at sales@alertms.com
if you’d like more information or a bid.

Sales Item Import/Export is useful when you want to update fields
such as price, cost, reorder levels, and quantity on hand.
Quantity on hand will only update for NEW sales items,
so as not to upset your inventory accounts.

Use this handy rental business operations software feature to reorganize your warehouse by updating bin
locations. Ready to use barcodes? Use import/export to give your sales
items Common Names so Alert can associate a barcode with a sales item!

If you decide to carry a new line of items to sell, you can import
everything all at once if you aren’t using the PO system.

If you’ve ever wondered if Alert can do that – the answer is probably YES!
Just ask – we’d love to help you. support@alertms.com


Version 19 News!

This Week’s Featured Enhancement

Printer Group Updates

One of our most popular time-saving features is Printer Groups.
With Printer Groups, you’re able to send a document to multiple
places at once. For instance, a yellow copy and a pink copy can be
printed on the same job in different trays in your printer. Or you
could have a printer group that defines a printer plus an email
so a contract is both printed and sent at the same time.

New in v.19, the Operations Printer (aka the Change Ticket Printer) can
now be used in Printer Groups! So if a change is made to a ticket within the
pull period, the system will print the changes to, say, dispatch and warehouse.
All with onecommand!

There’s a setting in Codes&Setup to configure Printer Groups – let
us know at support@alertms.com if you need some help or documentation.
Printer Groups is an add-on module.

Call the Help Desk or email us at support@alertms.com to schedule your free upgrade!

Want to see what’s included? Click HERE for the v.19 Features list


October Support Survey 

We read every comment every week on the Support Survey
and love to hear your feedback, good and bad.
Our favorite good comments this week:
“September was a busy month! Lisa, Jessica and Cindy were very helpful
with my many requests! I appreciate the quick responses and fixes!”

“A wonderful experience trouble shooting through a couple glitches I had this week.
Thanks Alert we love you.”

Thanks, Mary and Andy! Craig, I see you and you don’t sound like a broken record!
We’re working on it!

Want to be famous in our newsletter? Leave us a comment
and get a shout out here! You could also win a prize in our drawing,
like a $50 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin’!

Click HERE to take the survey!


Alert User Group Registration!

Register HERE and visit our Website for more information.
Only a month to go! Although the voting list is closed,
you can still make a suggestion at the conference in person!

Join fellow Alert users for our 34th annual User Conference!
The dates are Sunday, November 10th – Tuesday, November 12th.
Mark your calendars!

Find a link HERE to reserve your room at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs.
Be sure to use code 1911ALER_001 to get our rate of $149/night,
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This week’s featured event is Work Order & Preventive Maintenance.
Do you have every intention of getting the most out of your Alert system
and know you should be using Work Order, but don’t know how to get started?
What about keeping your equipment ready to rent?
Learn all about these tools that will increase your efficiency and record keeping.
Never miss another oil change, and never forget to charge for labor again!


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