Weekly Help Desk Notes 11-13-19

Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


IAUA Wrap-Up!

We had an amazing time at our User Conference this week!
It was wonderful to see so many of our clients and friends.
Thank you so much for holding your calls until our staff is able to handle them all.

The Conference is going to be held at the Antlers Hotel in downtown
Colorado Springs next year. We’ll begin on Sunday evening November 1st,
and wrap up the afternoon of Tuesday November 3rd 2020.
(You may notice that it’s election day – remember to early vote!)

Some of the feedback we received about these newsletters is that many
of you are printing them out for employee training manuals. From now on,
all Tips will have a link to a printable format to make that easier for you.
All back issues of this newsletter are on our website:https://www.alert-ims.com/blog/.


Operator Dashboard New Features

Check out a couple of new maintenance management features on Operator Dashboard!

There are two new options for the date range to show a full
year from the current date OR all dates!

The hyperlink for the ticket will not only show a ticket preview,
you can now load the ticket straight from the hyperlink!

Download a printable copy of these tips HERE!


November Support Survey 

Thanks for completing these Support Surveys! We do value your feedback.
In fact, Maverick (a lucky dog of one of our vendors) encourages you
to make your voice heard!

Have something on your mind? Want to give a shout out
to an Alert Staffer? Have one minute to kill to check some boxes?

Please let us know how we’re doing in our Support Survey!

Our favorite comment this week:
I miss you guys this year at IAUA. I am stuck at work.
Have fun see you next year.

Want a bandana for your furry friend? Let us know at info@alertms.com!


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