Aerial Equipment

High reach equipment rental is very technical and reliability is a top priority.  In the aerial equipment rental industry, everything needs to be perfect – lives depend on it, and your rental software system must meet and exceed all of your inventory management needs.

High standards

Your high reach business requires the expertise to match the right asset to a client’s project, maintain a fleet of rental equipment kept in top condition and provide superior customer service.  You need an aerial rental inventory software that can make your job easier.  For example, automated work order creation, reports pushed to staff rather than having to be run, and multiple triggers for maintenance warnings frees up staff time.  Easier long-term billing, sending invoices/statements together from one screen, automated payment methods, and ways for clients to self-serve from your website reduces friction and makes it easier for customers to do business with you and improves cash-flow.  Demand more from your rental software.

New heights

Your rental inventory is specifically designed to make your clients’ biggest challenges possible.   You put their goals within reach.  For instance, you offer solutions with new tools and multiple ways to accomplish the task at hand.  For that reason, you need a software that puts your rental inventory at your finger-tips, and pushes real-time information to your sales team out in the field.  Your aerial equipment rental software should tie to your accounting system, your GPS products, and your website.  In order for your staff needs to quickly respond to client requests with complete and accurate quotes, you need a software that knows your industry and your challenges.

Aerial equipment rental management software
  • Cycle billing that allows for billing in advance or arrears, and provides for automated recurring credit card billing
  • Automated Work Order generator can put equipment down for maintenance based on triggered events like an exchange or return
  • Commission Management for sales oversight
  • Integrations to SmartEquip, Rouse Analytics, Vizion360, Gearflow & more
  • Control expenditures with Job Costing and Purchase Orders
  • Integrates to telematics providers that meets the AEMP standard
Aerial equipment rental management dashboards
  • Dispatch Dashboard allows drag-and-drop creation of routes and assignment of drivers
  • A color-coded fixed asset dashboard allows quick status of assets
  • Work Order Dashboard gives you a quick view of equipment due for maintenance, down - both hard and soft, and past due repairs
  • A ticket dashboard allows you to filter by salesperson, date range, ticket type, overdue tickets, and more
  • Assets and tickets are just the tip of the iceberg - there are dashboards for customers, sales items and purchase orders
Web services for high reach rental
  • Create a shopping cart for your client to request pricing from your website with WebRequest
  • Have clients create a secure login to your website where they can pay or reprint invoices anytime of day
  • Provide real-time data for your salespeople or team leads while on the job-site about asset availability and customer rental orders
  • Allow designated clients to create or modify their own reservations with an e-Commerce solution
  • Use Mobile Timecard to allow drivers or installation crews to clock in or out from a jobsite rather than having to email or call a supervisor
Fixed asset management for high reach rental
  • Integrates to any asset GPS tracking system that meets the AEMP standard
  • Real-time tracking of assets by status and owned by or physical location
  • Ability to barcode assets to addition to tickets and quick search of asset on an open ticket
  • One-click access to asset rental history in ticket or asset record
  • Mobile Inventory Manager allows rental inventory to be done via phone or tablet in the yard