Fencing Rental Management

The fence rental industry is truly a unique rental space  – one that can cross-over from construction environments to events.  You need a fence rental management software as flexible and reliable as you are!

Fence Rental Solutions. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your clients need you to be ready to help them at the drop of a hat – and you need the people and tools that allow you to meet the challenge.  Alert can provide fence rental software that allows you to know the location of your inventory, the status of your product, and communicate with your clients they way they want and need.  Providing everything from electronically captured signatures for terms and conditions (even when you are putting up fencing where no one is available to sign), to a web portal that allows clients to reprint and pay invoices online when it’s convenient for them, to a drag-and-drop dispatcher dashboard to build routes, and easy ways to manage cycle billing for long term rentals, Alert’s rental software can do all this and more!

Peace of mind

Just like you provide security for jobsites, events, and businesses, Alert can provide security and peace of mind for your business with its fence rental management software.  With Alert, you get a team of experts to help you through the implementation process and a North American based Help Desk will answer the phone when you have a question.  Whether we provide you with a securely hosted environment, our secured online data backup service, or confidence in your system providing you accurate information and metrics, you can rest easier knowing you have Alert on your team.  You will be able to automate processes to eliminate touch-costs, feel confident in knowing were your equipment is and how much is available, track and control costs through PO and Job Costing functionality, and know at a glance your ROI and utilization.

Fence rental management software
  • Flexible rate structures provide ways to quickly write event rental or long-term tickets from one place
  • Electronically capture & attach signatures, photos, notes, and more
  • Cycle Billing functionality allows for advance or arrears billing and recurring credit card billing
  • Kit functionality allows for ease of ticket-writing for staff
  • Customized contract forms can show linear footage, specifications, or special notes regarding billing terms
Superior reporting for fence rental
  • Schedule reports to print, email or save automatically
  • Export reports to Excel with one click
  • Built-in, easy to use graphical report generating tool
  • Each user can save their own frequently used reports to a custom "favorites" list
  • Hundreds of canned reports are included: ROI, utilization, revenue projections, marketing volume, and more
Web services for fence rental management
  • Create a shopping cart for your client to request pricing from your website with WebRequest
  • Have clients create a secure login to your website where they can pay or reprint invoices anytime of day
  • Provide real-time data for your salespeople or team leads while on the job-site about asset availability and customer rental orders
  • Allow designated clients to create or modify their own reservations with an e-Commerce solution
  • Use Mobile Timecard to allow drivers or installation crews to clock in or out from a jobsite rather than having to email or call a supervisor
Fixed asset management for fence rental
  • Mobile Inventory Manager allows rental inventory to be done via phone or tablet in the yard
  • One-click access for rental asset history, even for bulk items
  • Assets and tickets can be barcoded for easy loading, quick check-in, and tracking
  • Work Orders can track internal and customer billable repairs
  • Track real-time status of equipment, whether on order, down for repair, rented, scheduled for pick-up, or ready-to-rent
  • Add images, specifications, attachments, and more to your assets