Pipe & Drape Rental Management Software

From weddings, conferences, trade shows, or other events, you have a huge investment in your pipe and drape rental inventory. Let Alert rental management software help you track, deliver, charge, and collect on your pipe and drape rentals.

From Pipe and drape to backdrops

Specialty rentals such as pipe and drape and event backdrops need rental management software that understands. Alert knows that you need to build in things like turnaround time into your quotes, and that your departments need to be carefully set up. Because those pieces that are being laundered aren’t going to be able to be rented if they’re still in the fluff cycle. Flawless tracking is a must for a pipe and drape rental management system.

Be hashtag ready

Whether your pipe and drape rentals are going to an accounting convention or serving as a red carpet backdrop, your primary concern is getting everything delivered and set up in beautiful shape. With Alert’s pipe and drape rental management software, all the inventory tracking, kitting, ticket writing, and collections are handled so flawlessly that your customers will be the ones hashtagging you.

photo credit: Marianne's Rentals
Pipe and drape and backdrop rental management
  • Complete rental system from bids to reservations to contracts
  • Quick Check the ticket when the event is complete
  • Maintain your branding with all tickets and communication
  • Short term or long term rentals
  • Event-specific rental features
Reports for pipe and drape rental management
  • Automate reports to send to email or printer
  • Hundreds of standard reports included
  • All reports convert to Excel
  • Dashboard of favorite and most-used reports by user
  • Graphical report writer included
Customer management
  • Easily send documents with Alert's Document Center
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Accounts receivable system built in
  • Sales and marketing information at your fingertips
  • Intuitive collections management in Customer Dashboard
Asset management for backdrop and pipe and drape
  • Kits and related items for pieces frequently rented together
  • Dispatcher Dashboard included to build routes and load trucks
  • Optional GPS integration for truck routing and monitoring
  • Real-time status by availability/usage/location
  • Operator Dashboard shows entire rental cycle