Pump Rental Management Software

The pump and dewatering equipment rental industry has its own list of special requirements.  This highly technical part of the rental industry has traditionally been under-served by rental software, and that is where Alert sees the opportunity to shine.  We can help the pump equipment segment of the rental industry serve their clients better, faster, and more efficiently.

Unique applications call for specialized software

The pump and dewatering industry serves a multitude of roles to its clients, and requires rental management software that is as innovative and reliable as its equipment.  You need dependable information about the status of your assets, have integrated preventive maintenance and work orders, quickly dispatch for disaster recovery, and be able to leverage technology to streamline your processes, reduce touch-costs and make your business more profitable.  Alert can help you do that.

No one knows your business like you do

You know what makes your business successful and your clients loyal.  That’s why Alert provides the tools to keep you running efficiently, improving client communications, and protecting the investment you have in your assets.  Alert has  built-in capabilities to track internal and client-facing repairs, provide ‘alerts’ for preventive maintenance warnings based on multiple triggers, streamline contact with your clients, and provide metrics for your management team.  We don’t pretend to be experts in what you do – but we have tools that will help you do it more effectively and profitably.

Pump rental management software
  • Cycle billing that allows for billing in advance or arrears, and provides for automated recurring credit card billing
  • Automated Work Order generator can put equipment down for maintenance based on triggered events like an exchange or return
  • Commission Management for sales oversight
  • Integrations to SmartEquip, Rouse Analytics, Vizion360, Gearflow & more
  • Control expenditures with Job Costing and Purchase Orders
  • Integrates to telematics providers that meets the AEMP standard
Pump rental management dashboards
  • Dispatch Dashboard allows drag-and-drop creation of routes and assignment of drivers
  • A color-coded fixed asset dashboard allows quick status of assets
  • Work Order Dashboard gives you a quick view of equipment due for maintenance, down - both hard and soft, and past due repairs
  • A ticket dashboard allows you to filter by salesperson, date range, ticket type, overdue tickets, and more
  • Assets and tickets are just the tip of the iceberg - there are dashboards for customers, sales items and purchase orders
Rates that work for pump equipment rental
  • Shift Rates
  • Customer Specific Rates
  • Group Rental Rates (for classes of customers)
  • Flex Rates by day/date range
  • Discounts at the customer record
  • Meter charges automatically integrated into Cycle Billing
  • Automated calculations for Rain Days, Weekend Rates & holidays
Fixed asset management for pump rental
  • Integrates to any asset GPS tracking system that meets the AEMP standard
  • Real-time tracking of assets by status and owned by or physical location
  • Ability to barcode assets to addition to tickets and quick search of asset on an open ticket
  • One-click access to asset rental history in ticket or asset record
  • Mobile Inventory Manager allows rental inventory to be done via phone or tablet in the yard