Scaffolding Rental Management Software

Alert’s rental management system can help you keep track of all the bits and pieces that make up your scaffolding inventory; who has it, in what configurations, and for how long.

Rental management for scaffolding

You probably know intuitively exactly where all your bits and pieces are and what makes up each type of scaffolding rental. But does everyone in your business? We always tell people “if it’s in your head, it needs to be put in the system.” Alert’s kit features help your team easily write tickets correctly the first time, and your customers will be correctly serviced, billed, and impressed with your operational efficiency. 

Alert and scaffolding

Scaffolding rental management requires a unique system. Alert doesn’t just squeeze some other type of rental system to make it fit scaffolding – we have created special features just for you. From scaffolding rates, and special billing considerations to kits to architectural drawings, Alert rental management software is a true partner to scaffolding rental businesses.

Scaffolding rental management
  • Flawless inventory tracking
  • Flexible rates, including pre and post billing, cycle billing
  • Rental ticket customization to your industry
  • Attach and track specifications and ratings to each order
  • Integrated credit card processing and recurring billing
Scaffolding rental reporting
  • Hundreds of reports included
  • All reports convert to Excel
  • Reports can be scheduled to send to email or printer
  • Sophisticated report writer
  • Mobile reporting capabilities
Scaffolding rental system features
  • Website integration
  • Mobile inventory management
  • Integrated accounts receivable system
  • Unparalleled support and collaboration
  • Attach architectural drawings throughout system
Scaffolding inventory management
  • Multiple ways to configure kits
  • Manage returns easily, as the project is completed in stages
  • Quick Check when pieces are returned for easy counting
  • Graphical Dispatcher Dashboard with optional GPS integration
  • Work orders and preventive maintenance to track repair