Trailer Rental Equipment Software

Whether you are renting box, storage, semi, cargo, refrigerated, or even office trailers and containers – we have you covered.  One of the most diverse markets that we serve, many trailer equipment rental companies rent and sell their units, as well as providing additional services.  You need an easy way to do it all and we can help. 

You are a problem solver

Your entire business model is providing solutions to temporary and long-term needs.  Whether it’s a transportation problem, storage or space challenge, or the need for temporary working facilities, you have the answers.  And, often, you are providing multiple options to solve those problems.  That’s why you need a software that is as creative and flexible as you are – and Alert is!

Inspired & nimble

Odds are that you have chosen your rental inventory based on your customers’ requests.  You look for new technology and listen to what they are requesting and respond quickly to fill that need.  You see these gaps as opportunities to be filled. That’s how we feel!  Alert has a nearly 40 year tradition of asking clients what they need and how the software should work.  With the longest running users’ group in the industry, it’s a part of our culture – just like listening to your clients is a part of yours.

Trailer Rental Equipment Management Software
  • Cycle billing that allows for billing in advance or arrears, and provides for automated recurring credit card billing
  • Automated Work Order generator can put equipment down for maintenance based on triggered events like a return
  • Control expenditures with Job Costing and Purchase Orders
  • Integrates to telematics providers that meets the AEMP standard
  • Keyword search through specifications to find the unit(s) you want
  • Automation to accounting packages for ease of journal entries
Trailer rental management dashboards
  • Dispatch Dashboard allows drag-and-drop creation of routes and assignment of drivers
  • A color-coded fixed asset dashboard allows quick status of assets
  • Work Order Dashboard gives you a quick view of equipment due for maintenance, down - both hard and soft, and past due repairs
  • A ticket dashboard allows you to filter by salesperson, date range, ticket type, overdue tickets, and more
  • Assets and tickets are just the tip of the iceberg - there are dashboards for customers, sales items and purchase orders
Trailer & container rental management reporting
  • Schedule reports to print, email or save automatically
  • Export reports to Excel with one click
  • Built-in, easy to use graphical report generating tool
  • Each user can save their own frequently used reports to a custom "favorites" list
  • Hundreds of canned reports are included: ROI, utilization, revenue projections, marketing volume, and more
Fixed asset management for pump rental
  • Integrates to any asset GPS tracking system that meets the AEMP standard
  • Real-time tracking of assets by status and owned by or physical location
  • One-click access to asset rental history in ticket or asset record
  • Ability to add custom specifications to each unit for ease of searching and repairs without having to manually check the unit
  • Mobile Inventory Manager allows rental inventory to be done via phone or tablet in the yard