Weekly Help Desk Notes 04-10-19

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Look What Alert Can Do!

Welcome to Alert’s new weekly feature where we discuss things Alert does that you may not know about! Let’s PAWS and learn!

You Can Take Orders With Your Website!

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to feature things you can do with your website and Alert.
As always, please let us know at sales@alertms.com if you’d like more information!



Last week we discussed how to take orders on your website with Web Requests. Now let’s look at the next step, E-Commerce ! Let your clients browse your website and completely build a rental order from start to finish.
You specify which of your clients has access to build an order, and they log in to your website. (Think frequent customers, those with good credit, and those who know how to build an event or operate your machinery).
Your inventory and availability will show to these clients, just as it would in person or on thephone.

Once your client has paid a specified amount (maybe it’s a deposit, or maybe it’s payment in full), a reservation is created in your Alert system. Now you take it from there!
You pull the items and make your deliveries and pickups as usual! E-Commerce is a customizable solution for your website – so YOU decide which clients have access and what amount of payment will turn that web request into a reservation with our rental computer program.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more at sales@alertms.com. We can send you to a live example of E-Commerce in action!

You will always own your website, and you’re in charge of the design.


Version 19 News!

This Week’s Featured Enhancement

We created a new Rental Usage screen to replace three old screens:
Usage Here, Usage All Locations, and Usage All Dates.

The new Rental Usage Screen can be sorted by:

Out/In Date
Item Status Out/Pickup/Late
Fixed asset number and serial number (for individual items)
Region (for bulk items)

From the rental item screen in a ticket, select F8 Usage to view this new screen

Call the Help Desk or email us at support@alertms.com to schedule your upgrade!

Want to see what’s included? Click HERE for the v.19 features list.


 April Support Survey

 Let us know how we’re doing!
The April Support Survey is now live, and we await your feedback!
Every time you leave a nice comment, our entire staff hears about it. So thankyou!

Click HERE to take the survey!

We haven’t talked about Patsy’s Candies in a while!  We’d be happy to send you a BIG BOX of Colorado Springs’ own finest chocolates if you complete the SupportSurvey!

Congratulations to March winner Cody at EventRent in Meridian, ID!

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